Then/Now: Childhood Revisited is an artbook featuring 30 illustrators.
Each artist was challenged to reinterpret two of their childhood works.

In my case, I redesigned drawings I had done more than 20 years ago.
The result proves the talent evolves with practice.
*Old* Space Avenger (age: 8):
Surely, this design was inspired from all the cartoon shows I watched when I was young... Somehow, I can't look at it without thinking of Duck Dodgers In The 24½th Century.

*New* Space Avenger (age: 31):
I noticed on my old drawing that the guy had blue dots on his face so I guessed he just wasn't freshly shaved. 
At the state of redesigning the character, I thought of making a much bigger right arm (just like my old design) but I don't think I meant it at the time.
*Old* Monster Dog (age: 7):
As a kid, my favorite themes were mostly evil monsters and dinosaurs. Not even pet drawings were spared from this universe.

*New* Monster Dog (age: 31):
For this one, I modified his position to make him look like he walks like a terrifying mutant. I also gave this monster-dog the color I think I would have given him the time I drew it: green, as anything affected by toxic waste (everyone knows that!).