Hit me with a Brick!
Branding, Graphic Design, Product Design
Grab n' Win
Game Design, Interaction Design, Digital Art
Oxfam — Protégeons l'éducation
Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising
Then/Now: Childhood Revisited
Character Design, Illustration, Drawing
Paper Toy: Yellow Dog
Toy Design, Illustration, Print Design
Simple Plan: "SP Raccoon" T-Shirt Design
Print Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
Restless Longboards: Tiki & Aztec Designs
Illustration, Print Design, Product Design
Subway Canada: "Super Heroes" Breakfast Campaign
Art Direction, Advertising, Set Design
Game Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3
Art Direction, Character Design, Illustration
Classic Horror Characters Series
Cartooning, Character Design, Illustration
The Zlörb
Character Design, Drawing, Illustration
Shy Ghost
Character Design, Creative Direction, Visual Effects
Super Action Bros.
Game Design, Art Direction, Illustration
2010... (Original Work)
Cartooning, Digital Art, Illustration
2009 (Original Work)
Cartooning, Digital Art, Illustration
2008 (Original Work)
Cartooning, Digital Art, Illustration
Dead Frog
Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design
Illustration, Design, Caricature
Pony Express
Illustration, Game Design, Design
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